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The Internet today is a separate significant branch in the life of every person, containing its own culture and trends. The network is developing, the number of users is growing, which leads to the emergence of completely new words and concepts. The Internet is an environment of freedom of speech, so even a beginner web studio can easily call itself whatever it wants, even a digital agency. Representatives of such a company are confident that customers, being at a loss as to what such a company is, are ready to pay big money just to get something better for themselves, new and not used before.

Digital agency: what is it and how it differs from web studios 

   digital studio  Digital agency is a company, a group of people who are able to provide the client with an expert assessment and implementation of ideas in the field of website building, creativity, strategy, advertising and customer service.

    That is, professional digital agencies are not limited to the creation of sites. They work together to create and strengthen the company’s name on the market (and not only Ukrainian), its promotion in the media: on forums, partner sites, portals, social networks, Instagram and even on radio and television, using effective viral advertising. In contrast to the usual web-studio, the work of the agency does not stop at the moment of the end of the project promotion. Representatives of such a company can continue to develop the project for years, promote it in the media, trying to maximize its recognition and customer loyalty.

Today, part of the digital agencies are completely off site development. These tasks are performed by web-studios with which the companies cooperate. After the delivery of the project, the site begins its promotion, but not only standard methods, but also in all known and current channels.

What are the members of the digital studio

 digital studioEach member of the team has tremendous experience in a similar field of activity, knows all the threads and loopholes and is constantly in the trend of the latest developments in Internet development and advertising.

If Digital Studio develops websites, then the team includes a project manager, a marketing specialist, a designer, a layout designer, a programmer, a content manager and a copywriter. If it is engaged exclusively in advertising promotion, then the company can consist only of marketers, analysts, a specialist in SEO and a project manager. Agencies may involve other outsiders. For example, photographers or even photo models for creating cool themed photos. But all the freelancers involved are the same professionals and their services cost a lot of money.

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