landing page

Landing page

Landing page is a kind of springboard for your business. They are designed in such a way as to be able to succinctly, but succinctly, explain to the potential buyer the essence of the sales offer and so strongly ignite interest in your product in it that they are immediately ready to take the action required of them.

     Landing pages allow not only to contact the target audience you need, but also to collect important information for you – phone numbers and email addresses of interested people. In the future, you will need this information in order to establish contact with them and lead you to the purchase decision.

    Why do you need a landing page?

landing pageLanding page demand in the process of product promotion is largely due to the fact that they can increase your conversion rate in the most affordable and beneficial way for you. And all because the landing pages are designed to optimize the conversion:

  1. Landings have a phrase / advertising match, that is, when the title of your ad matches the landing page title. This factor is an obvious confirmation for visitors that they have reached the page they need.
  2. The ratio of attention 1: 1. This means that the number of clickable elements on a page is equal to the number of page goals. Ideal landing should pursue the achievement of only one goal. Any element unrelated to the target action is recognized as distracting and dissipating the attention of the visitor.

This condition is mandatory for effective landing. Do not give visitors the opportunity to leave the landing page without completing the target action. You will minimize the possibility of such a scenario, if you remove all extraneous clickable elements from the landing page.

  1. Ease of the split test. The goal of the A / B test is to find the best landing variant that generates the maximum number of leads.

      By comparing with each other different variants of one landing page, you can determine what your target audience responds best to, try out some new tactics and means, and repeat this process as much as it takes to find the most effective option – such a combination of elements. that give the maximum number of conversions.

    Key components of effective landing:

landing page

  1. Main title
  2. Background Title (subtitle)
  3. UTP (Unique selling proposition)
  4. Indicators of trust
  5. The main call-to-action button
  6. Minor Call to Action
  7. Lack of navigation menu
  8. Images, videos
  9. Capture Form, Lead Form


Development of landings will be for you a pleasant and not burdensome process, if at hand you will have tools tailored to your needs and created for maximum convenience.

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