robots replace people

Do robots replace people?

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the ability of intelligent machines to perform creative functions that are traditionally considered the prerogative of man. Also, this term refers to the science and technology of creating intelligent machines. For the first time this definition was given by American computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956. The basic properties of AI …

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digital studio

Digital agency

The Internet today is a separate significant branch in the life of every person, containing its own culture and trends. The network is developing, the number of users is growing, which leads to the emergence of completely new words and concepts. The Internet is an environment of freedom of speech, so even a beginner web …

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how to create a web site

Who can help you create and develop the web site? Only an Internet agency!

An Internet agency An Internet agency is a group consisting of creative people who use the Internet to advertise a brand, product or service by attracting additional interest from Internet users. It covers all kinds of advertising in the Internet segment – from creating websites and online stores of any complexity to unusual methods of …

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landing page

Landing page

Landing page is a kind of springboard for your business. They are designed in such a way as to be able to succinctly, but succinctly, explain to the potential buyer the essence of the sales offer and so strongly ignite interest in your product in it that they are immediately ready to take the action …

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